Hasbro Investors


Fixed Income

Hasbro typically generates a significant amount of cash from operations and funds its operations and liquidity needs primarily through cash flows from operations, and, when needed, may access additional funding from its $700 million Revolving Bank Facility and/or its commercial paper program. The Company has also has access to public and private debt capital markets as a financing strategy to meet the funding requirements of its operations as well as to provide financial flexibility to fund longer term capital investments. This section provides details in regard to Hasbro’s financing.

  Standard & Poors Moody's Investor Services Fitch Ratings
Long-Term Debt BBB Baa1 BBB+
Bank Facility Not Rated Baa1 BBB+
Commercial Paper A-2 P-2 F2
Outlook Stable Stable Stable

Note: A securities rating is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold and may be subject to revision or withdrawal at any time.

($ Thousands)
Long-Term Debt Maturity Coupon Outstanding as of
May 13, 2014
% Total O/S Debt
Senior Unsecured Notes 9/15/2017 6.300% $350,000 21.69%
Senior Unsecured Notes 5/15/2021 3.150% $300,000 18.59%
Debentures 7/15/2028 6.600% $109,895 6.81%
Senior Unsecured Notes 3/15/2040 6.350% $500,000 30.98%
Senior Unsecured Notes 5/15/2044 5.100% $300,000 18.59%

Short-Term Debt Date Announced Availability Interest Rate Maturity Utilized as of
March 30, 2014
Revolving Credit Facility October 2012 $700,000 LIBOR + 1.25% March30, 2020 $981
Commercial Paper Program January 2013   Market Conditions Varies – But Not To Exceed 397 Days


A well dispersed debt maturity profile is a key objective of Hasbro's financing strategy.

Annual Debt Maturity Profile: 2014-2044