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Mar 24, 2010
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Over the Hill at 30?

Trivial Pursuit Asks If Older Really is Wiser with Online Battle of the Generations

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass., Mar 24, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Is older really wiser? In this increasingly fast paced world, knowing the latest news and gossip, having the best gadgets and mastering the ins and outs of social networks, seem to give youth an advantage over age, making 30 the new middle age of the digital age. But does the younger generation really have an advantage against their elders?

TRIVIAL PURSUIT, the ultimate authority on all things trivia, is inviting the tech-savvy under-30 crowd to compete against the life-savvy, 30-plus set in the ultimate online showdown -- the TRIVIAL PURSUIT Experiment: Battle of the Generations. Will the under-30 youngsters push the 30-plus players right over the newly forged middle-age hill? Or will their lack of experience make them crumble under the pressure of their more senior opponents?

The battle begins today, March 24, at http://www.trivialpursuitexperiment.com. Players simply log on, enter their birth date and begin answering questions on behalf of their team. Every correct answer earns a point for the player's generation.

The 30-plus crowd may have had more life experiences, but in the heat of the moment will their weary memories even be able to recall those crucial lessons that supposedly make them the wiser generation? And how will those privileged under-30s deal with not getting every question right? They are, after all, a generation raised to believe that everyone is always a winner.

The online format of the TRIVIAL PURSUIT Experiment: Battle of the Generations may play into the speed and agility of the under-30s who have spent most of their young lives playing a video game while talking on the phone, texting while watching TV or surfing the web while pretending to pay attention in class. However, the slow and steady 30-plus generation may give them a run for their money with their ability to be patient and focus on one task at a time.

"Typically each generation likes to think they're smarter than the one before them. Now it's time for players to put their knowledge to the test to prove whether young or old can claim the ultimate in bragging rights," said Jane Ritson-Parsons, Global Brand Leader for TRIVIAL PURSUIT. "Players can log on and answer as few or as many questions as they want on behalf of their generation, in the category or categories of their choosing. The game allows each player's inner genius to shine."

If you think TRIVIAL PURSUIT is just for the smarty-pants know-it-alls out there - think again. Those with street smarts and a thirst for the trivial are just as likely to win a game of TRIVIAL PURSUIT. The bits of information that live inside players young and old alike can provide those moments of inner genius when everyone has a chance to impress. Whether it's that curious fact that's always a crowd pleaser at parties, a nugget about a star football player, or a piece of celeb gossip, TRIVIAL PURSUIT is about those pieces of knowledge you just can't help but share with others - especially when the tidbits evoke an emotional response. Whether your answer is right or wrong, they are the facts that will leave you talking. So come young, come old and bring what you know, (and what you don't even know you know!), to the online battle on behalf of your generation.

More than 15 million questions were asked in TRIVIAL PURSUIT's online Battle of the Sexes, which ran online from October 19, 2009 to February 22, 2010. The women bested the men 4,088,139 to 4,077,596.

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