Hasbro’s First $1B Brand

$1B Brand


  • Created in 1993, MAGIC: THE GATHERING is the world’s first trading card game
  • Players take turns battling one another by casting spells, summoning creatures and using artifacts depicted on individual cards drawn from their personalized decks
  • Highly strategic gameplay that is customizable to any individual’s playstyle
  • Played by over 50 million players to date globally; 10 million registered digital players with Magic Arena
  • Sold mainly through hobby stores, the most important and fastest growing channel for the brand, the Wizards Play Network (WPN) help make both MAGIC and Dungeons & Dragons more than just games, but vibrant global communities

MTG Players

  • The average tabletop player is ~30 years; players range from 13 years old to 45 years old
  • One-third of players have been playing less than 3 years; one-third have been playing for up to ten years; one-third have ten + years’ experience playing the game
  • MAGIC: THE GATHERING crossed the $1 billion threshold in 2022, growing 7% to $1.065B
  • Over the last 10 years, MAGIC has grown at a 14% CAGR


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